Creative pieces hand welded from horseshoes and random metal objects

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About Welded Artworks

SO I took a Welding Class at the local Vo-Tech......and realized I really like welding!   With no previously  known artistic talent, I embarked on a journey (metaphorically speaking) to explore my creative side.   Surprisingly it appears I have some artistic talent in this area, although some of you may disagree.  Most of my work comes from original designs, but some items are based on other projects I have viewed on the internet. 

As I am retiring from 29 years of IT work, I have decided that rather than spending my time on the computer posting to Facebook/Etsy/Pinterest,  I would prefer to spend my time designing and creating new pieces in my garage workshop.   All of my artwork is fabricated with a Hobart 140 MIG Welder and a LOTOS 500D plasma cutter.   For the painting process, I start with a good coat of primer followed by various colors of sprayed paint.  The finishing process starts with hand painted acrylic as needed, then two layers of clear coat for protection from the elements.  

This site is a vehicle to easily show my work to family and friends and others in the OKC area   I have no interest in engaging in the online sales process, so most of my sales will be face to face cash transactions.  My prices are very competitive - I am not trying to make a ton of money at this, but if I can make a few bucks creating my artwork while putting a smile on peoples faces then I have succeeded!  In addition I will be open to custom design work and will also be offering unpainted items at a discounted price.

Thanks for stopping by - please take a look at my portfolio.  If you wish to converse on any of my work, then please send me an e-mail from my Contact page  (I only have a flip phone so no texting please) and I will be happy to respond.  I will check my e-mail on a daily basis.